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Did you know?

Did you know, that the first two story building built in Addis Ababa was owned by a Somali man, not knowing that Diredawa is 150 years old, and is older than Addis Ababa, which is 130 years. These cities are younger than Zeylac and Harar estimated to have been around 5,000 and 4000 years respectively. The distance between Borama to Diredawa is 150 km, whereas the distance between Diridawa to Hargeisa and Djibouti is 242 and 261 km respectively. (

On the other hand, Harar was one of the foremost Islamic learning centers in the horn of Africa and the fourth holiest city after Mecca, Medina and Jureslum.

Did you know, that there are ten boroughs In Addis Ababa. And the first borough was designed to be the seat of the government, whereas the second was designed to house for the government employee and the third one (Somali terra) was intended for drinking tea. Not knowing that Somali terra is where Somalis had settled in Addis Ababa.

Did you know,that  Oromo claims that they are in habitants  in some parts of Somalia, Kenya, and Tanzania. Not knowing that they have huge similarities with Somalis, including to that of family history; each and every Oromo must know his or her family tree (family history) to discover his /her ancestries.Did you know that Ethiopians have their own time, I asked a pedestrian in Addis for the time. The time on my phone, which is set to the correct time zone, reads 8:30 p.m. But that’s not what an ordinary man in the street tells me. “It’s two o’clock, 30 minutes,” he replies.

Did you know that Afar is the Global Ancestor
and the first inhabitant of the Horn of Africa, considered as the cradle of humanity. The name Africa also comes from the name afar, the name Africa derives from the name “Afar iké”, the land of the Afar. The land of Lucy Australopithecus Afarensis 3, 200,000 years old discovered in the Omo Valley in Afar country, Ethiopia.

Did you know that LaasGeel, the caves in Somaliland provide a glimpse into the little known history of this part of the world. Even with the history of political instability, war, natural weathering, and other factors, the paintings have survived intact, retaining their clear outlines and vibrant colors.

They are thought to be among the best and oldest preserved rock paintings in Africa. Today the archeological site is at risk due to destruction, looting, and clandestine excavation. Adding to the difficulties is the fact that Somaliland is not internationally recognized, and this ambiguous political status has prevented the historic artwork from being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (…/laas-geel-complex-and-mag…)

However, Somalis almost deny that they have any commonalities with Ethiopians. In contrast, Ethiopians believe that Somalis are natives of Ethiopia but not alien or foreigner and in addition to the above, they have held different positions , in the successive governments of Ethiopia even at the time of Menelik let alone Haile Selassie and Mengistu to name a few.


Abdirahman Ibrahim Abdilahi