Muslim Aid : Tender for Procure the food items supply in Somaliland


Muslim Aid Office

Hargiesa Sha’ab Area 

Hargeisa- Somaliland


Issuer: Muslim Aid

Procure the food items supply related to IDR0318456MA

Rice, sugar, cooking oil and dates

BID:  SL/ IDR0318456MA/2018/1


Muslim Aid Somalia is a field office of Muslim Aid UK based in London-UK. Muslim Aid UK was set up in 1985 by 23 mainstream British Muslim organizations in response to famine in the world particularly Africa and Asia.  Muslim Aid operated during the last 20 years. In its early years, the organization focuses on providing emergency relief to the victims of the many conflicts and natural disasters occurring worldwide. However in the 1990s, Muslim Aid changed its approach and, without lessening its emergency relief work, started to implement long-term development programmes with the aim of tackling the root causes of poverty. With this shift in approach, Muslim Aid has established field offices in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Indonesia, Bosnia, Cambodia and many other countries each focusing on sustainable programmes in the fields of education, healthcare, water, hygiene & sanitation, and shelter in addition to economic empowerment programmes. Today, Muslim Aid, with its head office in the UK, works in over 70 countries worldwide.

Muslim Aid hereby invites bids from suitably qualified food items supply providers to submit quotations for

Procuring food items supply


Description Item:


  • 755 bags/50kg good quality rice.
  • 6,400 liter of cooking oil,
  • 755 bags of sugar/50kg
  • 755 bags of flour/50kg
  • 4530 liters of cooking oil
  • 252 cartons/6 tins of powder milk


In preparing your quotation, you should consider and or take into account the international status and activities of Muslim Aid.



Your quotations shall be based on the following requirements:


  1. Full name, address, fax and telephone numbers of your company and contact persons.
  2. Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions Applicable to Muslim Aid procurement and contractual policies, including the local payment
  3. Unit prices and total price to the indicated destination should be inclusive of costs based on market value on item wise
  4. Supplies and the procurements are required urgently; please quote your best procurement method and the delivery of the supplies terms in days after receipt of an eventual purchase order.
  5. Validity: quotations must remain valid with firm and fixed prices for 30days after the closing date.
  6. Submission of bids: Your bid must be submitted by hand marked as follows:


BID: SL/ IDR0318456MA/2018/1


Attention: Muslim Aid Somaliland

Country Office

Tell: +252 634446511/ +252 61 7089601


  1. Closing date: Quotations should be sent no later than 4:00PM, Hargeisa time on 24/April/2018



Best regards,

Name: Nasro Abduurahman Mohamed


Muslim Aid

Hargeisa Somaliland