Poor Leadership of Waddani Party By Khadar Ibrahim


Presidency is the biggest job of any nation, will always have unlimited responsibility. It is a profession that is as hard as anybody might think. It is too intellectual and far rigid in its roles and requirements for the normal person. By its essence therefore it requires an extraordinary person with extraordinary skills. It also takes quite a bit of learning. Somaliland needs in the future a leader who gets his nation from where they are to where they have not been. A leader who can invoke ideas that contributes to the unified sense of mission and thereby to the harmony of the whole. History judges leaders on their managing of the national interests not on their passions for rule and privileges. However I don’t believe that Somaliland nation need a leader who neither has the ability or the intellect that could add anything chronically gracious to his administration like for example the chairman of the opposition party waddani abdirahman irro. There really is no point to have a leader who has no enough courage to question a system, not just to understand the existing trends but to change the whole structure into honest forms of transparency and accountability like abdirahman irro.

The current leadership of WADDANI led by IRRO brought crises after crises to his own control party wants to rule and to have everything by force (my way or the high way!)everybody see what is going on inside the opposition party waddani, and the only one who said to IRRO and his CROW NO is the leader of this noble country H.R. president ahmed siilaanyo and the chairman of the ruling party KULMIYE H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi ,Somaliland need to be free from waddani bla bla politics, he don’t respect law’s ,corruption are inside of his party, Dictatorship.

This man cannot rule Somaliland day by day issues, he being run by his own family and corrupt ex ministers!.No one knows who is ruling Somaliland behind closed doors. Therefore Somaliland needs the upcoming leader like muse bihi who know Somaliland needs in upcoming future. HONESTY irro lost the nation respect lately and his policies become rubbish and double stander. My words to waddani supporters don’t loss your time and find another runner!.

By Khadar Ibrahim