Siyad and Siilanyo, a story of paranormal proportion


Ibrahim M Mead, Ottawa. Canada

When their end approaches, which they can not know it is approaching, they attack Gabiley overtly or covertly. Siiyad did it and he was done! We see Siilanyo doing the same as siiyad did. The difference is Siiyad was considered as an enemy and he like wise acted as such. Siilanyo is considered as a President Gabilians contributed his win more than any other region, but in return he marginalized them and treats them differently. For reasons I understand but I don’t want to spell it in this paper for now, Siilanyo engaged a covert war against Gabiley! I don’t intend to list them all in this paper.


The indigenous (Native) Americans, had a tradition that when the end of a person approaches that person some how used to sense it when it is coming. The dying person especially men used to go at the top of a mountain. People believe that the subject is about to die there and the person dies there!


In the case of Siiyad and Siilanyo, with out sensing the end of their lives or the life of their country, they declared war against the region and the people of Gabiley overtly and covertly respectively and after that their end comes. In the case of Siiyad it did and he was done. In the case of Siilanyo he is en-route there.


It is a strange story which happened and still happening in Somaliland!

 Siyad’s end already happened with the end of what was Somali Republic.

Many people believe that Siilanyo is almost there. He is already engaged the attack against Gabiley covertly. Siiyad did that job overtly.


I don’t know why Siiyad and Siilanyo choose Gabiley as their target to attack in the fashion above mentioned when their end approaches. When the end of Siyad approached he also undermined his country by eating away all the supporting poles and foundations of the house of Somali Republic like termites do, thus he and the Rrepublic died together. Siilanyo seems doing the same as Siyad did, however it is up to the people of Somaliland whether they want to save the country from the man!


To understand how Siilanyo is executing his covert operations in Gabiley we may take the latest events to shorten a long story

a) Two civil servants (Governor and a police officer) he appointed put the elected representatives of the local government level in jail! That is illegal, provocative and out- right demeaning to the people and the region of Gabiley. They already put community elders in jail on several occasions with no legal bases and with no respect!

b) Siilanyo denied the (deserved) share Gabiley deserves as a region, being one of the most populous, economically second to Berbera, being the food basket of the nation which they still feed the military when they lend their grassing otherwise farming Tugwajale plateau to be used by the national army for food. No other region did that.

If you ask me why this (munker) evil doings of attacking Gabiley when the end of the above mentioned rulers approaches? The answer to this is: I don’t know, because it a paranormal. Only Allah knows it.


Peace and prayers

Ibrahim M Mead