A call to Mr. Siilanyo, The president of Somaliland


Sunday, April 15, 2012

What has happened to Mr. Abdirahman Abdulkader Farah, the second chair man of your party, Kulmiye was undemocratic in its totality! He has been denied his rights of speech! He was dragged from the hall of the party gathering! It was unbelievably abominable, distasteful and disgraceful! It was against the fundamentals of democracy! It was against the process of democracy! It was againstSomalilandculture!

It was a mindless act and a heavy blow to:

1- Him self, physically and psychologically!

2- It was a merciless below to freedom of speech

3- It was against the fundamental rights of the citizens

4- It was against the process of democracy

5- It was against the integrity of your party or any other party for that matter

6- It was against whatSomalilandstands for

This forum is uneasily and warily following suspicious activities disposed to “Somaliaiz”Somalilandwhether intentionally or otherwise.

The people are divided and the country is divided and these divisions are growing day after the other because of the actions or inactions or reactions of the government.

We are calling the president that the above activities if true are counter productive, destructive, and divisive

We hope the president takes these incidents as a ‘teachable moment’ and reverse such vindictive policies, and bring the people to together and respect their fundamental rights.

We hope and pray peace forSomaliland

Somaliland watch