A New Deputy Commander for Somaliland National Defense Army-Appointed by the President


Hargeisa-(Berberanews)-There have been many men who have achieved great successes through their military knowledge and actions. But only a select few military geniuses can truly be considered the greatest military commanders in Somaliland.

Commanders and other leaders committed to the professional army ethic promote a positive environment. If commanders show loyalty to their Soldiers, the soldiers will in return show loyalty.


Col. Abdullahi Haji Jama-popularly known as Col.Calas was recently named the deputy commander of Somaliland National Army.  Col.Calas educated in Russia and Known for his calm and rationality as well as lack of prejudice, seemed to win the respect of Somaliland’s president Ahmed. M. Siilanyo.

As experienced Colonel, the Deputy Commander of Somaliland National Army, Col. Abdullahi Haji Jama was handpicked by the president and his advisers from a pool of qualified candidates to be the next Somaliland National Army Deputy Commander.

Col. Calas has been regarded by pervious commanders as an army professional with first-rate performance in all the assignments and posts he took command.