A new wave of Clashes between demonstrators and security forces once again erupted in Egypt!


16,Dec,2011-(Berberanews)-In the worst violence since the start of Egypt’s first free election in decades, Security forces stormed and clashed with protestors  in central Cairo on today-Friday/Dec/16/11 after reports  unfolded that an anti-government activist was detained at a sit-in and badly beaten.

This new wave of violence started after online images were posted of a man named Abboudi Ibrahim that had been detained and horrendously beaten by security forces while in custody.

“Many protesters fell and were arrested by the army. There were no injuries from live ammunition, just sharp objects and rocks hurled from above,” said Yasser Higazie, a doctor in a makeshift clinic.

By mid-afternoon, aside from very few demonstrators throwing stones and petrol filled bottles at the security forces, streets where much calmer after the military managed to form cordons and sealing the area.

An assistant to Egypt’s health minister said that Cars were set alight, part of a state building burned and 15 people severely injured during the fighting.

The clashes underlined simmering tensions between activists and security personals jeopardizing to once again ignite a new round of violence after an election considered by the rest of the world as one of the freest and fairest voting election in the Egypt’s modern history

Egypt, the most populous country in the Arab world, erupted in mass protests in January 2011, against the heavy-handed rule of President Mubarak’s regime.