African Union summit opens in Ethiopia


Berberanews-(Addis Ababa)-A two-day summit of African Union leaders has opened in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, as global economic uncertainty continues to expand.

The 54-member bloc is expected to discuss measures to boost “intra-African trade” and elect new top officials for the African Union. The union’s next chairman is to be elected.

“Growth on the continent has remained robust — many observers consider that Africa is on the verge of economic take-off. However we are only at the beginning,” AU Commission head Jean Ping said during his opening speech, calling for “economic integration” in the continent.

Crises in African countries such as Somalia, Nigeria, Libya and Egypt are among the issues to be discussed in Addis Ababa.

Representatives from top United Nations agencies and other international organizations are also attending the summit.

The summit is being held at a Chinese-built AU headquarters inaugurated on Saturday.

While several North African nations have recently experienced violent revolutions and uprisings, war-torn Somalia, who has not had a functioning government since 1991, continues to battle a deadly famine.

Soures, Press Tv