Contributory advice to the sponsors of the London conference


The British Minister of State for Africa Lord Howell reportedly said, “We invited Somaliland to the Londonconference because we need her expertise in Conflict Resolution and how they did to achieve what they have achieved, in the Londonconference. Attending the conference he continued, will not have an adverse effect in Somaliland’s peace and stability!” well, that is fine even though the sentence is not complete! He did not mention the self determination of the people of Somaliland and he did not mention the independence of Somaliland in which Somalilandhas declared by way of popular Referendum. He did not mention the status Somaliland will participate in the said conference in London!

Somalilandgovernment in her part is either dead silent about the whole matter or utter in incomplete sentences from time to time! That is not a good omen either, that is not helpful! They better tell the anxious Somaliland people what they know which the people don’t know about the Londonconference! They better articulate what is in and what is not in for Somaliland!

I believeSomalilandwill be ready and willing to contribute a lot to revive the patient-Somalia! But before that Somaliland must be ushered according to her status as theRepublicofSomaliland, to a fair and acceptable spot in theLondonconference ifSomalilandis to be there. That is whatSomalilandgovernment did not articulate so far!

Somaliland is not a region of Somalia!
Somaliland was a country then

Somalilandis a country now.


Somaliland is ready and willing to help Somaliaand contribute to the effort of finding solutions to her self made problems which over14 conferences prior to this failed! Somalilandis not however ready to be constrained and clutched or otherwise make ‘cuckoo’ politically, psychologically and otherwise. If that happens, peace and stability in Somaliland will be the first casualty, and the flame will engulf the whole Somali peninsula. I honestly believe, that is not  the intent of theLondon conference, but unintended consequences happen when not be fair and when not be careful.


Somaliland fits rightly either a) in the ‘solution finders’ box or 2) in the observers box.

If she doesn’t fit and she doesn’t fit where you want her to fit [Region], then put her where she fits right.

Justice must not be aloof any more forSomaliland; it was so for a long time!

I hope the international community particularly this conference see the other side of the coin in which some did not see while others see it but pretend that they don’t see it?!

Live-and-let live is the rule of common justice and that is whatSomalilandwas built on and that is what she expects from sensible others. Forced marriage is not the answer. That defies the basic rights of conscience. That defies the fundamental rights of self determination

“Justice is a machine that when some one has given it a starting push, rolls on of itself “ (Galsworthy-Justice)  why don’t the international community and particularly the London conference give two Somali states (as they were before July 1960) a starting push so that they roll on by themselves.  If Somaliadoes not heed she must be helped by telling her the truth. This is a unique opportunity for the London Conference to seriously entertain this option. Two sovereign states living side by side instead of sacrificing one for the other is better than the present situation the Somali peninsula is in! 

The government of the people, by the people and for the people [Somaliland in this case] must not be sacrificed for a bunch of Al shabaab, Refugees and piracy and terrorist  producers ironically recognized as the government of Somalia while it is known that they are Not an elected body! That they are not accountable to their people, that they kill their people, that they are accountable only to foreign entities who actually made them in foreign hotels!

When the mindless and the mindful diverge in a wood, there is no rationale to heave the mindful to the dungeon of the mindless expecting a good return there! However there is a rationale to help the mindless therefore, let the mindful, help the mindless. Let Somaliland do this job withLondonconference organizers.

To get there putSomalilandwhere she deservedly fits in the said conference.

She fits 1) either in the Solution-finders’ box or 2) in the observer box, and the former is where I would put her. No other box doesSomaliland fits if we are fair to her.

Politics of envy on the part of Somalia

Politics of envy is the only thing that comes out from the fragmented warlords ofSomaliawho are not 1) elected and 2) who are not accountable to their people. They are only accountable to their foreign patrons!  They are the producers of 1) Al shabaab 2) the sea pirates 3) Refugees 4) and destabilization of the region.

Envy is soreness at the good fortune of others.

“Envy is defined as a form of anguish felt by the subject at the thought that he does not possess the good the rival does. Envy is a tendency to view the well-being of others with misery others. Envy aims; at least in terms of one’s desire to destroy others’ good fortune.” (Aristotle, Rhetoric, Bk II, Chapter 10)
Envy is that passion which views with malignant dislike the achievement of those who are really unconstrained to all the advantage they possess. (Adam Smith, The Theory of Moral Sentiments, p. 244)
The only game Somalia is good at when it comes to Somaliland is not to seek help and ask the relevant question of: “how did you guys do it? Help us and show us how you did it” they did not do that! They only play the politics of envy and the international community does not tell them the truth!

Somaliafactions do not worry of their pity situations, they instead worry of the peace and stability ofSomalilandand they sabotage to wreck that achievement! They worry of the democracy which took roots inSomaliland, full time! Ironically the international community specially the UN seems that they are in tune with this unGodly attitude and behavior! This is beyond the bounds of fairness toSomalilandas it is beyond the bonds of logic!

Great actions speak great minds and great minds do great and fair actions and such should prevail in theLondonconference. Foreign owned and evil possessedSomaliafactions should never get a sacrificial (Somaliland) lamb in their plate! Conscionable people in theLondonconference must never accept this!Somalilandpeople will never allow this to happen what ever the cause may be! Therefore, let every body come to his or her sense and instead find the right way to help the senselessSomaliawith out sacrificingSomalilandfor them! It is a no go proposition as far as the people ofSomalilandare concerned. Let us do what is fair. Let us do what is right for all, and may God bless the Righteous. .

From: Community Advancement through

Conflict Resolution International

C/o Ibrahim Mead

Executive Director