Diplomatic Victory to End Conflict: Horn of Africa.

Somaliland President Sits Front Row.

Ayanle Omer Iden

Before analyzing what victory Somaliland had in the conference and as well future real diplomatic ties on the rest of global as legal entity in international plane. We look initially preparation tense of the British government prepares this historic conference in five months time. Lastly, British governments won bring together with functions of TFG Somalia and Somaliland Government other side.

Somaliland President Sits Front Row.

Somaliland authorities rejected to attend the summit at initially when invitation came to hosted nation because of simply legal code of the Somaliland constitution. See Somaliland constitution articles.

As we  know history is big chance for building marvelous Somaliland in the modern world, because host nation of the summit has colony Somaliland , though not yet British governments recognizes Somaliland as legal entity in international relations, then she had relation with Somaliland. Higher diplomatic official in the U.K embassy in Ethiopia came twice in order to convince Somaliland authorities to attend the conference.

Inspite of all these, Somaliland authorities as habitually  made consulted political parties, civil societies, legislations and upper house elders and new political parties to discuss merit and demerits of the conference before accepting the invitation which I felt biggest decision Somaliland leader done in the recent history. All stockholders agreed on finally Somaliland had chance to show “blinded world” what she done in the last twenty years in the conflict region ( Horn of Africa).

Despite the fact, Somaliland has got opportunity to get what she deserves as independent participants then rest of Somalia. Somaliland presidents was speaks to the conferences and highlighted reality on the ground telling other sovereignty state de facto status quota of Somaliland is needed to alter De jure Recognition for which she deserves  to recognize.

Somaliland delegation led by the presidents met various high ranking state officials who I can note “president of Somaliland met with his counterpart of sycelleis, PM Cameron of Great British, UN General Secretary, etc.

In Diplomacy, Somaliland had voice in the regional, sub -regional and the rest of the global.

In English proverb highlights that “Rome was not built in a day”. Somaliland is a self building mechanism approach and willing to have real sovereignty for Somalia.  May lastly gives Somalia in south to defeat anger, lawlessness, conflict, wars, and looking for Somaliland’s achievements in one man vote style with stable economy, political, and reliable happiness in the horn of the Africa. Many political scholars pointed out ‘the only solution which may result one of the longest Africa lawlessness state to adopt new way to achieve their choice of prospects’.

Look one side to other, there was communiqué which London Somalia conference was brought, and Article 6 describes such:


“The Conference recognized the need for the international community to support any dialogue that Somaliland and the TFG or its replacement may agree to establish in order to clarify their future relations”.


Future between two Somalia’s who voluntarily union in 1960 with wrong ambition of greater Somalia now came to end.  On the other hand, mistakes Somaliland citizens, now re-correct to build re-gain lost independence of 1960 as sovereignty state with observation of international community. It’s also victory for Somaliland government has direct relation with British.  Somaliland had signed memorduim of understanding (MOU) which allows British Governments open Diplomatic Office to Hargeisa. In addition to that, Denmark also last month declares its decision to open Somaliland in Diplomatic office.

Thus, Somaliland fulfills the criteria of the statehood; she fulfills Montevideo convention rights and duties of the states in 1933, and Cairo Declaration 1964 which forbid what called for “Greater Somalia” ambition which today’s Somaliland resolve once again.