Djibouti National Movement:- Press Release


The Djibouti National Movement, “DNM”,  is a political Organization dedicated to the Liberation of Djibouti from the Dictatorship of President Ismail Omar Gelle.On the basis of a common democratic platform.

We the DNM-North American Branch, has a responsible opposition branch of the DNM and concerned  with the well being of our  fellow citizens, have the duty and responsibility to expose to the international community the atrocities being committed by Ismail Omar Gelle and his cronies against the Djiboutian People. 

We would like to bring to the attention of the American Government, the Public and the International community in North America that the vicious Dictator.  Ismail Omar Gelle, who Presided over the Djibouti affairs for the last 20 years, and before that was  the first hand of the last President has escalated his Hitler-Like repression the past few months.  It has become customary for the totalitarian regime in Djibouti.

At this critical stage in our struggle for freedom and our Endeavour to restore democracy and the rule of law in our beloved homeland,  we call upon all people and governments to come to the moral and material aid of the Djibouti people and againt the Abhorrent Dictatorship that oppresses them.

WE “DNM” officially, call upon those governments with special  interests in Djibouti and all freedom loving nations to support the liberation movement so as to prevent the genocide, Illegally imprisoned and tortured being Engineered by Ismail Omar Gelle and his Cronies.  We also take this opportunity to call on all Governments, Particularly the United States, World Bank, IMF, France, to stop all kind of Aids.  Military aid to the repressive regime in Djibouti such an aid will only increase and encourage the arrest and massacre innocent people and will escalate the tension in the Horn of Africa.

We,  the DMN there fore, appeal to the American government, the public and the international community to look closer to the appalling situation prevailing in Djibouti.  In the light of the renewed violence by the government against the innocent civilians and nomads, We particularly urge the United States government to put pressure on Ismail Omar Gelle government to end the gross human rights violations that have characterized Djibouti over the past 20 years.  Such Pressure could  be applied by examining foreign aid authorization to Djibouti and its record of human rights.