Dredging and Reclamation of Berbera Port, Somaliland


Dredging is a very important activity in the construction and maintenance of ports and
shipping navigation channels. However, the use of mechanical equipment in the
dredging activity could pose significant social, environmental and economic drawbacks if
it is not well managed. Furthermore, albeit this may vary from project to project, in
general, dredging is expensive work, and in some cases small dredging projects can cost
more than large dredging projects. The purpose of this paper is to provide a general
overview about dredging and reclamation activities with a particular focus on the
proposed redevelopment, and revitalization of Berbera port, Somaliland. In this context,
the paper will discuss the unique landscape of Berbera port and its pristine environment
including, but not limited to, the semi-enclosed lagoon and the natural breakwater, the
Khoor, and the neighboring residential community.

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