Forced returnees from Holland–Not acceptable by Somaliland Government-


Berberanews-30-Dec-2011-A large demonstrations held by Somalis living in Holland rallied infront of the country’s detention centre.  Protestors are accusing the Dutch government of unfair treatments, lack of residence permission and demand an end to the government’s strategy by deporting Somalis against their will.

Holland became increasingly diverse during 1990’s after many countries predominantly Africans were traumatized by horrific scenes and unimaginable scale of devastations due to armed conflict and civil unrest.


Strains between the Somali community and the Dutch government became the focus of national attention after the Somali asylum seekers evicted from their temporary shelters and out on the street without access to food or medical care occupied an area in front of the asylum seekers centre in Ter Apel, Holland.

The protestors mainly Somalis, were joined by other asylum seekers from several countries facing the same dire situation asking the Dutch government to accept their refugee applications and get their rights as refugees under the Geneva Convention.

Somaliland government is said to be highly concerned by the actions of the Dutch authorities and will not allow any forced returnees from Holland enter the country.

An independent Dutch organization which advocates the rights for immigrants is said to be involved and will go to great lengths in making sure that these people are back to their normal lives and will be treated as refugees.

From 1989 to 1998, the Netherlands was the second-most common European destination for Somali immigrants, only slightly behind the United Kingdom.