African traditional life is based on cooperation based by ethnicity (qoomiyad), clan (qabiil) and alliances of interest (beel), without these three the African man believes he will not survive because of hard life of survival and earlier traditional hostility side effects.

Politics and leadership is the designer of whole life, it’s necessary to get good leadership and neat politics have a good strategic plan how the countries and their people to reach a good future with peace, stability, prosperity and basic security of their life’s.

When Africans are freed from western colonial direct rules, they made governments based by their traditional life and how they leaved in rural areas and their government structures are looked like their traditional life, this was made miss understood of government, most of the people knowing clan administered other clans ( waxa loo fahmay dawladnimada qabiil maamulaya qabiilada kale ) and the politics must be based bay identity.

This is the first problem of African system of politics and governmental structures cannot make development and a good progress, and may cause the wars based by ethnicity, clans and identity that lead the African society is going through wars caused by destruction of the whole community and their administration.

The second problem is ; there is indirect colonial rule in Africa and political intervention is exist that comes from western and eastern of this world , and they made Africans have not their own decisions of leadership , and must be depend on the externals .

Third problem is; African organizations like African union, regional organization and African intellectuals cannot play their role what is happening in Africa, and the worsening situations faced our people and their own governments, we say African people are made negligence for their continent.

Fourth problem is ; is the problems that is based by African natural resource (Africa is world’s largest resource reserve ) , competition of other world how to get African consumers  ( African continent is one of the largest consumers in the world ) , competition of world powers interest , and other major issues like strategic positions , these external interest was made African internal conflicts , political hostility between African society , ethnic disputes  and the un end wars that continuing the  African continent .

To get a full solution of these problems is a duty of every African person”

My opinion

Mohamed Abdi Jama

Dhimbiil Mohamed