GOLLIS University of BERBERA



About Gollis University of Berbera:


The University stands to translate the country’s strategic challenges by empowering the new generation to posses the right knowledge and skills and when overcome, will transform the society into a more scientific and progressive nation and to provide also the best facilities and the most conductive environment to achieve the goals.











The Gollis University of Berbera is one of the three campuses of the University i.e. the main campus which locates Hargeisa, Berbera campus and Burao campus.













The Gollis University- Berbera branch campus was opened at November 2009 after the demand of higher education has intensified in Sahil region which was actually at that time far behind from the other Somaliland regions. This step has triggered a new start of educational change in the whole region as well.


It is advocating the replacement of the region’s backwardness in education and health into a modernity that can adequately prepare young Students to face new challenges unique to Somalia as a whole and particularly Sahil region. It is playing an important role to rebuild the society into a more educated and informed nation.

The Berbera Campus encourages the student’s individual approach to identify tomorrow’s problems by providing creative skills and design solutions.

The Gollis University – Berbera campus encompasses unique faculties that have a great value for our country, particularly in Sahil region.  The Berbera campus has six different faculties and two diplomas and they are:

  1. 1. Faculty of Business – Dept of Management Science and Information Technology. .
  2. 2. Faculty of Economics
  3. 3. Faculty of Education
  4. 4. Faculty of Law (LLB)
  5. 5. Faculty of Engineering- Dept of Civil Engineering
  6. 6. Faculty Of Bachelor degree in Nursing
  7. 7. Diploma in IT
  8. 8. Diploma in English language.

Each faculty is a four year or eight semester’s studies in which a bachelor degree is awarded after graduation.  The two diplomas are each one year study with three semesters in which a diploma certificate will be awarded after graduation.

Each faculty offers practical work within the specialist area and encourages academic research, report writing and presentation skills.

After graduation these programs will enable the students to have a great opportunity for either direct self employment or to be employed by the available companies in Somaliland. At the present stage, Berbera campus has a total of 270 students studying in the different faculties that have been mentioned above.

As a matter of fact, any education must seek not only to teach, but also to have the capacity to support the learners and encourage them for more researches in order to grasp more knowledge and do assignments. This helps the students in the process of innovation, which is integral in producing knowledge and skills in all faculties.








Best Regards,

Professor Nasir Hagi Ali

President of the Gollis University Berbera campus

Kala Soo xidhiidh: 4405880, 4000505, 4441816, 740904.

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