Horn of Africa political situation and security perspectives


Somalia political situations aren’t stable last 6 months , the main issue is election problems , the somalia government mandate was ended eight febauary, the opposition and the government failed to make a consensus and good agreement how the country will go the elections.

The main difference and difficult problem is the somali lower house made a law the country will back to elections process, the type one man one vote , and the government must held within two years, they said it’s our duty when there is no other solutions outcome from political rivalries ( government and opposition ).

International community, African union are condemned this law , and what the parliament was made 12 April , they suggested the sides must be back 17 sept agreement , when we over view the situation is worsening day by day , and the security of the country isn’t stable .


Ethiopia is going to the road of elections , this elections postponement last year is the center and what caused the wars between Tigray and Ethiopian Government , that disputes and other regions ethnic wars made that country is lower what the world is expecting, these problems also undermined Ethiopian prime minister leadership .

We don’t know how the elections are being free , fair and transparent, when the opposition leaders are in jail , another opposition TPLF are in the jungle , the country’s security isn’t stable and government leadership isn’t trustful and confidential to every Ethiopian citizens according the internal situation of that country.

There are atrocities happened in Tigray region that was made Ethiopian troops and accompanied alliances like Erateria, and other governments , it’s one of the painful and in humanitarian actions that happened till the prime minister Abiy Ahmed comes to office 2018.


Somaliland is preparing parliamentary and local governments elections after one month , this elections are postponed and extended two times and more of their original mandate , the way political parties are made selection isn’t good for democracy and the country’s constitution and laws, this elections candidates selection was made the traditional leaders and clan elders and political parties lose there role of democratisation.

During the road of these elections the government was made undemocratic actions , illegal arrests and the Electoral commission will not speak , the government was added the process of the election steps out of Somaliland elections rule and law no.91 , it seemes the democratic society and the politicians these steps was wrong, and the government was made its own interest , its surprise and questionable why opposition parties must not reject these !

All in all the incoming elections is look like the elections is due to the government’s will , its shameful if this was happen and the country will face a bad manner , and the stakeholders must be aware what’s happening in the commission’s offices.

One of the other main political situations issue is the the law no.14 that was passed the house of representatives earlier this month , the house of representatives defended the political rights of Somaliland citizens, they also defended the democratisation system of the country, but the political parties will not see there own interest with in the law , and may be they want to oppose .

Somaliland political parties term mandate was end 2022 , before six months of that time Somalilanders must organise political organisations how to participate the incoming elections and be part the next ten year political parties , the people of Somaliland and the democratic society of the world are looking here very well and aware how the president and house of elders will do that act.

Security perspective

Security is the main before every other job , according to this region it’s the important one because last thirty years this region is under chaos , fragile and political unstability , wars against terrorism and other problems .

Elections are one of the most cause security and unstability problems all over the world , when we see the situations of Somalia and Ethiopia it’s fearful manner the incoming elections and how they affect the security of this region.

Conclusion and our advisory is , Somaliland elections must be free , fair and transparent this is the only way that wasn’t cause problems and political unstability.

Somalia, the somali politicians must make a consensus and we urge they went back the negotiations how to make a fruitful agreement that the elections will occur and the country goes forward.

Ethiopia, Ethiopian leader must made another legacy, how his future and the country’s future must be bright and good , and the government was held free , fair and transparent elections.

Another point is , the government must stop all political arrests and wars, and release all the people that was influence the political in any side and the opposition politicians that was in Ethiopian jails.

Mohamed Abdi Jama
Mohamed Dhimbiil