“Our people are fighting” Debretsion Gebremichael


Ethiopia-(Berberanees)-Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael, has isued a Press release about the current situation in Tigray Region and consists that they will destroy what he called “Invaders”

′′We will fight for them by following our enemies in the foot they entered! The attack that is being displaced every day, we will cleanse them in a short while! We need to show him the crucifixion everywhere he goes! He is struggling to stand for the opening of a heavy hit. He is an enemy that will bury this enemy and invader. We are burying him. Friend Dr. Debretsion

The TPLF chairman of our organization Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael has presented the press release on the current issue.

After the invaders were displaced in Tigray land, they are having a heavy loss with the brave Tigray Defense force and all our people’s strong struggle.

At this moment, the military is following a method that will reduce the sacrifice of the Tigray Defense force and destroy the enemy’s power.

We are moving to beat Esayas and the army that was involved in Tigray to separate us.
The enemy’s army is beating the city by leaving the Tigray forces fighting in front of the enemy.
Esayas and the prosperity army are fighting with a heavy weapon ′′ Tigray army stops the attack of the people. Our people are fighting, and their property and stealing the world. So where the enemy’s army reached in Tigray are doing a terrorist that doesn’t forgive history on innocent people.

It is clear that the objective of this system is anti-people. They beat the cities because they can’t stand the heavy attack they are saying they will leave us for their people. It is because they are saying they will stop beating and attacking our people.

This invader has started killing and killing the people. Tigray people are looking at the Tigray people’s struggle by saying show me your mobile phone especially youths.

Isayas invader is doing a very shameful act; he is robbing the property he found in peace. Even the door and window is moving. Isaiah does this to destroy the good relationship between Tigray and Eritrea.

So if this invader gets time it might hurt and damage. We should not give time to the enemy by getting up from this. We should be destroyed because we have given time to make a huge attack and road damage.

We should show him the crucifixion without giving time! The worst hit that has just reached is being confronted. Abiy is asking for foreign help from this. This is an enemy that will be buried and we are burying.

Therefore, we have to strengthen our people’s voices in order to shame the enemy of Tigray. They are collecting helpers. And we trust our people. Since we are doing justice, we don’t need help. Let’s be able to beat ourselves.

We are saying ′′ our rights should be respected ′′ is because we are doing injustice on us. Even though this injustice is concerned about our people abroad, but the people of Tigray are fighting mainly because it is the issue of the people of Tigray. We will fear them while following our enemies in their feet! We will cleanse the army that is being displaced by this heavy attacks and we will clean them in a short while!

We will pass the test we encounter, even if we are in trouble, we will kill them by being in our land, invaders are always losers, we are winning them. So I call on all the Tigrayans to destroy the invaders where they are suffering from violence against our people!

Tigray people will win!

Respect and respect for our martyrs who were sacrificed for the struggle!

Source: Tigrey Express