Reliving Israeli Recognition of Somaliland of 1960 Now A Game Changer


MENAFN – SomTribune) -As the State of Israel was one of the first few countries that immediately accorded the historical state of Somaliland Republic de jure recognition during her brief existence in 1960 before the unification with the Trust Territory of Somalia, and in the wake of United Arab Emirates, one of the staunch believers of the Somaliland case, normalizing ties with Israel , the State of Israel must not fail to notice that historic diplomatic ties with Somaliland Republic.

David Shinn is a former Foreign Service Officer with the US Department of State for 37 years, including assignments as ambassador to Burkina Faso and Ethiopia. Once asked about the de jure recognition of Somaliland following the independence in late June 1960, he wrote: ‘Sources vary on the number of countries that recognized Somaliland in 1960. Some say 34, others 35, and yet others 36. Among those that reportedly recognized Somaliland include China, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, Israel, Libya, and the Soviet Union. The US sent a congratulatory telegram but did not formally recognize it’

Also Alison K. Eggers in his study about Somaliland says and quote here:

WHEN IS A STATE A STATE? THE CASE FOR RECOGNITION OF SOMALILAND ‘. ‘In June 1960 Somaliland became the first Somali country recognized by the U.N. A week later, in early July 1960, Somaliland joined with Somalia Italiana to form one state with the seat of government in Mogadishu’.

Setting aside the countries that proclaimed unilaterally their existence and the remnants of collapsed empires, most of the countries in the world have experienced some sort of either European or Asian colonization, which for some time ruled their land, exploited its resources, and oppressed native people. After fighting bloody wars and making concerted efforts, most nations eventually won their sovereignties either by reaching agreements with the colonizing powers or overcoming the oppressing forces. Likewise, Somaliland was not different and shares that type of painful history with the rest of the third countries around the world.

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