Silaany bureaucratic dictatorship constitute a threat to Somaliland democracy


Since, the Somaliland government was established in 1991, Somaliland people were improving towards democracy, development, transparent accountability and fair and impartial independent system, every president who ruled Somaliland gave a historic and memorable development which the people of Somaliland do know clearly.  For instance, the Abdi ham Tuur s’ administration, the people would not forget about the day that the Somaliland independence has been announced.
Another ruler such as Eagles’ time, people would not forget what the Eagles’ administration done to the Somaliland people including building a government institutions, such as military, and ministerial administration, the other major important element is that during Egals’ time the Somaliland voted for their first constitutional rights in May 2001.

The Somaliland unity was emphasized by the Rayales’ administration which the people of Somaliland won’t forget about, the president Rayale did implement the democracy in practice, however  the last precedential election in Somaliland in June 2010 , the Somaliland community were expecting a hope that Somaliland will develop interims of many aspects  such as the changes made by the people , however  Hope is the bread of  poor man , today Somaliland people worry about their future of the unity and freedom of democracy.
Silanyo administration formed a system based on favouritism, tribalism, and private interest , that people are only looking for their short interest rather than common interest ,  as you can witness  what happened  in the Kulmay s’ Conference, the conference buried the existence of Somaliland Democracy, development because  in the Conference, nobody was allowed to challenge against the Kulmiy s’ leadership.  The gathering people were only following the destruction of Somaliland Democracy.  Where there is a really democracy, people have a right to vote and select who they want to be their leader,  however, where there is a dictatorship , nobody is allowed  to submit his leadership interest, in the case of Zimbawi (Robert Mugab) ,Kulmiye administration and etc.
Think about the Somaliland bureaucracy in a dictatorship, in General, the dictator hires his brother or mercenary to manage the Ministerial and Natural resources Agency, and so the brother or the Mercenary hires a dozen of his friends, who in turn hire friends and family. If the dictator wants mercenary Agency to do something, it gets done post haste — if not, heads will roll. That is what all Somaliland ministers do as stated today by the former Deputy Security Minister (Abdullahi Abokor Osman  2014).
More recently, scholars have explicitly compared bureaucrats and politicians in terms of their political beliefs and their contributions to the policy process. They have found that though the process may be continuous, these two sets of political actors do play different roles. The resurrected distinction between bureaucrats and politicians is not, however, one in which the former passively serve the latter. Rather it is one in which politicians and bureaucrats bring distinctive perspectives and competencies to policy making.

Where about the academics, professional scholars, intellectual in Somaliland , today because what happened is that being to favour blindly an institution forms bureaucratic based on dictatorship and later destroyers the country, take into account how far the Kacan/ Guulwadayn  engulfed many Somalia people and the entire country of Somalia Siyad Barre  Government (1969-1991)?
The question now arises fairness and unity within Somaliland community, regarding the state leadership and party formation in Somaliland, one can argue that this type of forming a fair and unity system in Somaliland do not justify that all people with in Somaliland can be received from their self-confidence, in addition to that political parties do not require that they process and act upon the requirement of Democracy among themselves, for example,  the national party of  Called WADANi party do not require to implement the democracy among themselves, as they proclaim the parliament chairman, WADANI Party Chairman is also the party Candidate, though he  is not officially appointed but the majority agree that nobody can challenge against him.
Even though, all the political party system in Somaliland are built without real democracy system and based on clans and private interest system however, The welfare and Justice party (UCID) is at the most better than other parties, because within UCID party system there is power sharing and justice and their programme manifest is all most clear that they intended to create a fairness, transparent and accountability within Somaliland community.   After carefully researched about their party leadership statements and speeches, I have come to realise that UCID party is the only party who can bring what all Somaliland people are aiming to achieve which is for transparent, justice, accountability and unity.
In conclusion, in order to get rid of the dictatorship in Somaliland,  I urge the scholars to weak up and safe the country from the bureaucratic system in Somaliland,  otherwise  people will search again for Somaliland far away,  all though the Scholars , elders and Youth can limit the governments’ aggression  to the freedom speech and develop the democracy system through presenting their voices and mobilize the community to prevent the poor mismanagement from Silaanyo dictatorship, the Somaliland Youth must know that clans, nepotism  and favouritism will not continue to run the administration as everybody wishes rather it will would end  up the democracy and fairness within the society.

Thanks to Almighty ALLAH
Hassan Ahmed
Student al LLB Greenwich University
London UK