Somalia elements destroy Waddani credibility

What has been negligible rumors, half-truths and innuendoes against Waddani before are fast becoming today’s much publicized ‘facts’.

Since yesterday, a man who masquerades as a media man from Somalia who goes by the name of Dahir Alasow has been openly splashing his ‘condoned’ support of Waddani party of Somaliland.

Condoned because no known official or supporter of Waddani – a major opposition political party in Somaliland – has objected to the man’s insulting words to Somaliland, Somaliland constitution, Somaliland’s quest for its restored sovereignty and the nation’s determined, true sons and daughters. 

True because some may not be.

“For the people of Somaliland to break out of the ‘open prison’ (Republic of Somaliland), they have to vote for Waddani Party,” the impostor journalist writes on his Facebook page.

He continues to say that a Waddani presidential victory is a victory for Somaliland-Somalia pro-unionists.

“As far as I know, if Waddani wins the (presidential) elections, Somalia unity has won,” he brazenly adds.

“Visa Waddani Party and the strong ‘coalition’ (Hirsi et al) who are so diligently working on Greater Somalia’s former might and prowess”,  he concludes (see below).

unnamed unnamed-1

In another (above), he claims that supporters of a minister of the Somaliland government abandon him to go over to Waddani Party.

“Watch Ali Marreehan’s supporters exit Kumiye Party in droves to join Waddani Party,” the former Mogadishu thug writes.

Ali Marreehan is the current Public Works Minister and a close relative of Hirsi Ali Haj Hassan – once the second most powerful pen hand in Somaliland who so heinously tried and failed to overturn his mentor’s government as well as the region’s geopolitical balance for very, very selfish reasons of his own. The man, towing a less intelligently endowed entourage joined Waddani to become candidate Irro’s campaign manager. Worse still  the title of ‘Leader’ under many other leaders (the Candidate, the Co-runner, the ‘Chairman-to-be’, the Deputy Chairs, the Secretary General, etc.) was slapped on him to save face for him and the debacle he caused to pass for himself and many more.

Alasow’s remarks do not only put Irro on a tough spot but they again train an unflattering light on Buubaa and Hirsi and their known ties to Mogadishu: the former just returned from a twenty stay in Mogadishu and area, the latter through the channels established for him during his tenure as Minister by his elder, courier brother.

What was more damaging closer to home, however, was the revelations that, perhaps, what could have been dismissed as a slur against a national party was, in fact, a fact well supported by Somalia. Somalia and Somalia Somalis never acknowledged Somaliland’s very justified reclamation of its 1960 independence following a failed, disastrous union with Somalia that lasted well over 30 years. Many instances, many examples abound.

Following the notorious pariah’s words, Somalilanders – except Party stalwarts – rained their wrath on Alasow most of it, understandably, related Waddani’s suspected soft spot for another union with Somalia.

Below are some samples:

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By Saeed Balbal

United States