Somalia warns Kenya for planning military attack


MOGADISHU (Hiiraanonline) – Somalia has said its neighbour Kenya is mobilisng troops along its border to attack the town of Belet-Hawo inside Somalia in yet another round of accusations by President Mohamed Farmaajo’s administration.

A statement from the Ministry of Information Saturday noted Kenyan forces had been deployed in Mandera town in preparation for an offensive in Belet-Hawo.

Similar reports of Somali troops deployments on its border territory were reported by Kenyan media last week.

“The Federal Government of Somalia has learned that Kenyan forces have deployed weapons and militias in Mandera to raid Belet Haawo and the Somali National Army bases in the area,” the statement read in part.

The statement adds to several accusations Somalia has labelled against Kenya including cut diplomatic ties.

Farmaajo is travelling today to Djibouti for a regional summit to further push his case against Kenya.

Somali federal forces earlier this year crossed into the Kenyan side following a deadly clash with forces allied to Jubbaland administration. Several people were injured and others killed.