Somaliland concerned about students stranded in Tigray


Hargeisa-(Berberanews)-Somaliland’s ambassador to Ethiopia, Yusuf Mohamed Guled, has expressed deep concern about Somaliland students stranded in the town of Maqale in the Tigrean Autonomous Region surrounded by Ethiopian troops.

Ambassador Yusuf Mohamed Guled, confirmed that as many as 18 Somaliland students are in the Tigrean region where fighting between government forces is in critical condition.
“It’s very complicated and shocking, and it touches us in particular and many of the 18 specialists, perhaps more, some went on their own and were sent by parents, some were sent directly by universities. ” Said Ambassador Yusuf in a telephone interview with Bulsho Television.

Ambassador Yusuf Mohamed Guled expressed optimism for the safety of the students and said no one could enter or leave the besieged Tigrean area. “So there is fighting going on and no one is going in and out and we have contacted the government and they themselves can’t have their troops, no one else can,” they said.