Somaliland: Journalists/Reporters-Detained Once Again!!


Hargeysa-(Berberanews)-A peaceful demonstration held by Somaliland journalists over the government’s action to close down an independent T.V station turned ugly when police forces violently disrupted and attacked the non-violent protestors.

This morning (Sun-15/01/12) a peaceful march was staged by a crowd of journalists and reporters in front of Somaliland presidential palace in the capital to show support of solidarity with Horn Cable T.V.

Sources say that Somaliland’s crowd control police unit immediately and without a warning moved towards the protesters using excessive power resulting in injuries to the journalists and the arrest of more than 22 men and women journalists and reporters.

Under direct order from the Minister of Interior Mr. Mohamed Nur Arale (Duur), Horn Cable T.V Station-Hargeisa was shut down last night-(Jan/14th/12). The decision by the Minister came after HCTV station aired a documentary on various archived speeches by the previous president Dahir Riyaale Kahin as well as the political aspect differences between current ruling government and the previous.

Reacting to this unlawful arrest of journalists as well as the closing of Horn Cable T.V operations in a statement by the executive director of Somaliland Journalist Association (SOLJA), Mr. Hassan Mohamed Yusuf said this is a mere intimidation and condemned in strong terms what he described as illegal arrest and detention of the Journalist by the police under direct orders of the Interior Minister Mr. Duur and the chief of Somaliland police force Col: Mohamed Sakadi Dubbed.

Mr. Hassan M. Yusuf stated that it’s unfortunate that this government repetitively orders for the arrest of the country’s independent media/press. “This is a threat to democracy and human rights; it is an affront to fundamental human rights of the citizen and of the profession which is guaranteed by the constitution of the Republic of Somaliland”.

Among the detainees are Mr. Mohamed Said Abdullahi (Xarago)-chief editor of, Mr. Mohamed Omer Abdi (Cirro)-editor in chief of Jamhuriya newspaper, Mr. Hamse Ali Bulbul-executive producer for Horn Cable T.V., Hodan Ali Ajab-Horn Cable T.V. news anchor and Nimo Sabriye-Horn Cable T.V. news anchor -to name a few and ather 17 Reporter warked with local Media of Somaliland.