Somaliland: The Beauty of Awdal Enchants A Foreign Visitor.


The following two photos were taken recently by a foreign visitor to Somaliland. The visitor who workers for a humanitarian non-governmental organization were posted on all the social media outlets and highlight the beauty of our country which we often take for granted.

Renowned Somaliland photographer, Yusuf Dahir, has published some iconic and spectacular pictures of Somaliland, it’s people and land, but, it is interesting to see our country through the eyes of a foreign visitor.

After all, the international community are bombarded with horrifying images of the Horn of Africa, and in particular from our neighbour in the south. It is worth reminding people that Somaliland is an oasis of peace, stability and development in the region.

The rains this year have been abundant and the soil is rich. These are the ranges in Awdal known as “Seeraha” and across the nation similar scenes are evident, Daallo, Sheekh, Gacan Libaax, Golis etc. thanks to the blessing of Allaahu Subxaana Wa Tacaal, the land is filled with milk and honey this year