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Ottawa, Canada

Date: April 24, 2014

A great leader learns more from his opponents then from his avid ‘Guulwadayaal

‘Yes crowd’ pushes their embracer and the country to disaster unless his opponents show him where the danger lies. The President better consider other advices and doing so will put him in a win- win situation for him and for the country. By the way, doing that is not weakness, it is strength

When a leader is wise he doesn’t simply disregard the opponents’ point of view, he embraces them even when he perceives that it may hurt his ego. In fact he ought to pray never to be left with out opponents for they keep him on track, on the right path, on the path of reason and rationale. Lack of self awareness is the problem of the government and the two houses of congress in Somaliland. The ‘trio’ is in this travesty together.


When one does not think the consequences of his actions he can do all kinds of foolhardy things. That is what happens in Somaliland these days

It is not only what happens to Somaliland, it is how they deal with the (self inflicted) problems faced them. The latest diplomatic blunder with neighboring Ethiopia as an example of how the government dealt the problems they themselves created, probably unintentionally. The arbitrary shutting down two prominent news papers, Hubaal and Haatuf is another travesty!


SWG is warily following the ill-advised activities and reactions disposed to suppress or in certain cases eliminate the free press intentionally or otherwise by the administration of Mr. Siilanyo in Somaliland.We know that the actions of the operatives of Mr. Siilanyo’s administration and probably with his blessing has already divided the people and the country, these divisions are growing day after the other and this by no means will de-stabilize the state and probably the neighbours.

Not to act and fail not to change this evilly will be a moral failings and unpatriotic in the minimum on the part of the Government as well as the two houses and the Opposition!


Somaliland was in transition to a more democratic political system ever since it was re-established as an independent Republic in 1991. It was in transition from an authoritarian political system of Siad Barre of Mogadishu to a democratic political system.

Democratization of Somaliland faced frequent reversals influenced by various factors, including bad leadership, socio- economic factors, history, culture, clan based problems and small minded hedge-men employed by the administrations, the present as well as the ones before them.
SWG has received reports telling us that an ‘oligarchies’ are increasingly gotten hold of unchallenged power in which they got mainly from the chairs of the Guurti and the house of Parliament and some representatives of the two houses, even though the chairman of the House of Representative formed a party of his own and lately declared himself as-  ‘Born-again person’ The government operatives seized the moment and accelerated the dismantling of the democratic gains achieved after the establishment of Somaliland Republic, notably by profiting from: 

a) Clan based culture

b) Absence of real and serious opposition political personalities

c) The Parliament’s abandonment of their duties as a check and balance institution.

The strategy of the systematic de-democratization of Somaliland and the damage inflicted on the process of democracy and the rule of law and the suffering of the population have begun to be visible. It is a one way ticket to destabilize the peace in Somaliland which was the pea can and the pride in the Somali peninsula. They created conditions for clan oriented cabalism profiting from crisis of clan divisions and competitions. This ought to change.



It is not only the executive body and Mr. Siilanyo who are accused for making Somaliland the laughing stock of our neighbours and the world. The two chairs of the Guurti and the House of Representatives Mr. Gaal and Mr. Ero also collaborated with the executive in this quagmire Somaliland is in despite Mr. Ero’s claim that he is a ‘new born man of the people now’!

Siilanyo may manipulate the ineffective, corrupt and expired two houses, but in the end the two chairmen of the Guurti and the House of Representatives Mr.Gaal and Mr. Ero willingly toed in line and bowed to the agenda and wishes of the runaway executive branch. The ‘trios,’ are partners of travesty.


Mr. Siilanyo is not alone in derailing the sacrosanct objectives and principles Somaliland was established for in the first place.

He is not alone in de-democratization scheme of Somaliland democratic system.

He is not alone in damaging the functioning and the integrity of the national institutions. He has partners in all these disastrous deficiencies.

He has the chairs of the Guurti and the Parliament, Gaal and Ero in this.

The ‘trios’ rendered Somaliland in to political abyss. They put her in an uncertain and shameful position. They made Somaliland the laughing stock of the region and beyond.

Mr. Siilanyo is not alone in the nations debacle even when the ‘buck stops at his desk’!

What is mindboggling however is that two of the ‘trios’ of travesty want the people of Somaliland to elect them to finish their job they started!!  What job did they start!?


SWG is calling President Siilanyo as well as Mr Ero and Mr. Gaal to own their deficiencies and their departure of the constitution and the rule of law. They have to come back to their sense, to integrity and change course.

SWG is calling Mr.Siilanyo, the President of Somaliland that the above alleged activities are counter productive and destructive thus ought to be stopped.

We hope Mr. President that you take these incidents as serious as they are. Take them as a ‘teachable moment’ and reverse such short sighted, vindictive and destructive policies and practices. Bring the people to together. Respect their fundamental rights of free speech. Release Haatif and Hubaal news papers so that they can exercise their rights as a free media in a free and a democratic country.
It seems that those who are declining to live and practice democracy and the rule of law in matters of national concern embraced “Despotic practice. Imam Sadiq once said: “despotic thinking binds man’s opinion with wrong matters.”  Despotic thinking is morally condemnable. SWG is condemning any Despotic acts against the rights of the people and the press of Somaliland.


Mr. President, change course for the sake of your life here and hereafter. For the sake of your legacy and more importantly, for the survival of Somaliland

I believe that Somaliland President is not a despot but he seems out of touch and not fully absorbed what is happening in his administration both internal and external fronts. Change and change for the better is warranted now and not later. Somaliland has descended to her lowest point in her history of existence and this must not left unaddressed

“Lima tastacgiluuna al sayiah qablal xasanah” (Ayah)
Allah tells his servants Why they hasten on the evil in preference to the good!?

Allah (swt) says “why ye not turn off evil with good for such there is the final attainment of the eternal home?” For such there is goodness for all of us and there is success for Somaliland and for the region as a whole.


Somaliland watch

Ibrahim M Mead
Executive Director

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