Unity is the ultimate strength of a people


An open letter
  The President of Somaliland

Mr. Ahmed Siilanyo
Hargeisa, Somaliland

From:  The director of Somaliland Watch
Ibrahim Mead
Ottawa, Canada
April 11, 2014

Unity is when people come together to form some thing greater than any individual or group. Unity is often built around a common purpose, a concord of interests and values.

When people are united by shared values and goals they can move together, bring into line their efforts to attain things that none could attain them alone unlike what is happening in to days Somaliland!


Unity is inclusive. It frees us from the divisiveness, narrow-mindedness and prejudices.

We see our commonality without diminishing our differences.

A sense of unity can transcend our prejudices and fears of each other.

In unity the happiness of one is the happiness of all and the wound and worry of one is the wound and worry of all, the honor of one is the honor of all and the success of one is the success of all. It is said that ‘unity is the presence of God in a united people.

To create Unity we have to talk to each other not at each other as we are doing now!

Mr. President, talk to the “Madasha Wadatashiga” they are not strangers. They are the founders of Somaliland and you know them more than any body else. Show courage and do it


Somaliland was honor bound and had a history of respecting herself and others. She never accepted to be wronged by any one for any reason. She furiously defended justice, her dignity and her rights with what ever that cost her in blood and treasure Defeating Siyad Barre’s genocidal regime and the supporters of that demonic enterprise was the latest event and testimonial to this argument.

What made that possible for Somaliland was two things and only two things, and those two things were UNITY of her people and the TRUST OF ALLAH. Now Somaliland lost the one plus one! She lost both!  That is why the president of Mogadishu, foolishly but deliberately disrespected, demagogued and demeaned the most three sensitive things in the Somaliland peoples psyche and blood after we demeaned our cause and case in the international arenas. The most three sensitive things are:


1) The genocide / ethnic cleansing committed against the Somaliland people by Mogadishu regime of Siyad Barre! Mogadishu denied that and we accepted that while we argue that we did not!

2) The ransacking and robbery of the people of Somaliland in the billions of dollars for the whole period of time Somaliland was in illegitimate and ill-fated union with Somalia. Somalia escalated this to the highest point during Siyad Barre’s regime

3) Denying Somaliland’s right of self determination to reinstitute her (lost) government in her marked internationally recognized bounders before the ill-fated union with Somalia.


Why at this time, the unelected foreign established President of Mogadishu dared to demean and disrespect the rights of the survivors of Somalia’s genocidal regime of Siyad Barre in Mogadishu!? The answer is simple:


a) It is because of the failed foreign policy of Somaliland government.

b) Somaliland administrations double talk

c) The divisions created between the people of Somaliland.
d) The disconnection of the people with their government.

e) The disconnection of the government with their people.

It is our collective understanding that the people were divided and that encouraged the Mogadishu entity to claim Somaliland in the most disrespected way imaginable.
When your enemy senses and sees that Somaliland leaders are demeaning those who found and founded the 2nd Republic of Somaliland, then Somaliland cleared for the enemy to demagogue her, demean her, disrespect her and deny her rights of self determination as President Hassan of Mogadishu did on the same day Somaliland was commemorating and remembering the independence of the Republic of Somaliland.

What deserves to mention is that no government official responded to Mr. Hassan of Mogadishu’s naked continuous attack against the people and the aspiration of the people of Somaliland!!


“So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth” (Baha’u’llah)

The power of unity is known to all of us. But we often seem to forget it.
We still remember the story from our childhood, where an old man was worried about his sons who were always quarreling among themselves. In order to teach them a lesson he asked them to break a bundle of sticks tied together. Obviously none of them could. And when the bundle was untied they were able to break each stick easily enough. The bundle of Somaliland is untied and any body is able to break it.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery said,” one man may hit the mark, another blunder; but heed not these distinctions. Only from the alliance of the one working with and through the other, are great things born.” That emphasizes the power of unity especially when you put your trust in Allah, the one and the only one that leads the honest leader to the right path.
Does any one think that it is possible to achieve great things without unity?
Unity plays the most important role, so it is the responsibility of the leader to hold on unity of the people and to maintain their unity

There is unity with someone else as well and that will play a much bigger role if you believe that. It is so because this someone else is a mysterious partner in your success or failure that partner is your God provide you do things in the right way

It is said that’ God plus one is majority’. You have the support of the Almighty, only if and when you are united with him. That means believing in Him and doing the right things He told us to do. Are we Somalilanders there? Well, I don’t think so!
How do you unite with this Higher Consciousness? You do so by having faith with him and with your people who trusted us with their cause and country, and
once you unite with God it is on him now to see that you succeed in accomplishing the duties entrusted on you. So multiply your potential and insure your success by unleashing the Power of Unity,Unity with God.
Always remember God plus (the people and the government) one is majority. (Yadullaahi maca al jamaaca. wa men yumin billaahi fa huwa hasbuhu)


A serious leader reflects what his people want. He reflects the hopes and aspirations of his people and leads him to reach the desired goal. There is one thing and only one thing that can lead the leader there and that is UNITY. When people are united the nations strategic polices bear fruit. Mr. President listen what the Madasha Wadatashiga is calling. Meat them and discuss with them the serious issues facing the nation.
The ‘Gulwadayaal’ and the oligarchies are not telling you the truth. Those kinds of people are the same as those who told Siyad Barre that Burao and Hargeisa were playing foot ball match when Burao was under the mercy of the SNM daring operations. Those who lead must heed


Surah al Hujurat tells us the importance and the harmony and brotherhood that Allah has created amongst the believers. We are told how this brotherhood is sustained, nurtured and cherished and thus developed to its full potential. We can achieve there by knowing the diseases that can cause friction and disunity amongst the believers and therefore need to be avoided.

The verses of Surah al Hujurat carry such importance and profundity of meaning that through the application of these verses – would surely begin to love and develop a character that would be loveable to all. 


In this surah Allah reminds us that the “believers are brothers amongst themselves” and therefore we must strengthen this brotherhood, and reconcile ourselves. To achieve this we are told to “Fear Allah that He may have mercy upon you” for indeed the fear of Allah is the most basic and essential ingredient in the creation of brotherhood and solidarity. Once a person develops “taqwa” and has the fear of Allah in public and in secret, in the company of others, as well as in solitude then he may move one step closer to sincerely loving his fellow Muslims, his people and being loved by them. This can only be achieved if the fear of Allah is truly present in our selves, in the individual or in groups.




1- Mr. President, save this country, which gave you a lot, more than it gave to any body else

2- By Change the whole oligarchies and putting a new management in the helm of the government as part of the salvation and rescue of the country

3- Connect with reality, with your people and fire the unconscionable moralless morons which dragged Somaliland in the dirt, forthwith

4- Meat “Madasha Wadatashiga” and others with similar stature in honesty and character
5- be kind to your legacy, to Somaliland and come back to sanity

6-Unite the people of Somaliland

However peace and prayers
Ibrahim Mead