On May 18, 1991, the people of Somaliland declared the formation of the independent Republic of Somaliland; and while the world’s focus was on Somalia at that time and since, the people of Somaliland managed, through a unique and democratic process, to establish peace and stability in their country.  Unfortunately, instead of supporting the achievements of the people of Somaliland, the UN and International  community has not yet recognized the Republic of Somaliland, and continue to hold it hostage to the conflict between the warring warlords in the neighboring Somalia.


The people of Somaliland urge all the UN’s member state to grant international recognition to the Republic of Somaliland, and request the UN to accept it as full-fledged member of that body. Such a step by the UN and its members is long overdue, and would be the proper course of action for the following reasons:


1-Somaliland has a history of existing as a state.  First, when it was The British Somaliland Protectorate { 1880-1960]; and the second time , during the brief between its independence on June 26, 1960 and its union with Somalia on July 1, 1960.  During the latter period, it was known as The Somaliland State.

2-The Union between Somaliland and Somalia in 1960 was unfair and lacked proper legal foundion.

3-During the ill-fated union (1960-1991), the Mogadishu-based government of Mohamed Siyad Barre engaged in torture, aerial bombardment, and artillery shelling of Somaliland’s civilian population, which resulted  in the death over 80, 000 people, and the destruction of Somaliland’s cities, towns, and villages.  These were not isolated acts, but part of a systematic and well-documented policy of genocide on the part of Somalia toward the people of Somaliland, and it went  on for years.

4- Somaliland meets the international requirements for recognizing new state. It is a de facto state which controls a definite territory, and has internationally recognizable border ( these borders coincide with those of the former British Protectorate of Somaliland).  It also has an elected government, a free press, a parliament, and has engaged in international relations with other states for the last 25 years.

The people of Somaliland call on the UN, Its member states, and international organizations, to assist rebuilding the schools, hospitals and housing that were destroyed by the Mogadishu based former military regime.  The people of Somaliland draw the attention of the UN to the  discovery of skulls in mass-graves.  These graves date back to the era of the Mogadishu –based regime of Mohamed Siyad Barre, and were confirmed by the UN and forensic pathologists from the Independent Physicians for Human Rights.  We request the UN, and its member countries, to take the necessary legal steps for the apprehension and trial of those who are responsible for these massacres.  We also hereby inform the UN, its members, and international  organizations, that the perpetrators of these atrocities are among those who are expected to take part in the Somali government.

The people of Somaliland call on the Arab and African government to respect the sovereignty of the Republic of Somaliland, and to cease its hostile and unwarranted activities against it.

The Republic of Somaliland has proven its determination for and ability to build sovereign and democratic state and contribute towards peace, stability and development in the Horn of Africa.  The people of Somaliland are urging the Un and its members –state to grant it international recognition and accept it as a full-fledged member of the UN.